Independent Primary Medicine

When a patient seeks medical care and advice from a doctor, they should be able to expect that care to be based on their medical needs, not based on what an insurance company allows.

The Patient is the Priority
At Boonsboro Direct Primary Care, our patients and their needs come first – and, because we don’t have to worry about insurance coverage or billing codes, we are free to recommend the best treatment for our patient based solely on what is the best course of care for that patient.

Independence = Freedom to Do Our Best

Since Boonsboro Direct Primary Care works on a subscription model, our patients are members of our practice. That means that both the patient and the doctor are free to pursue the course of treatment that will give the patient the best outcome.

When you choose independent primary care, you have nearly unlimited direct access to your provider whenever you need care. Since we limit the number of patient-members we accept, we are able to be available when you need us.

We don’t accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid – and because of that we are not required to have the layers of staff and overhead required to support a practice that has to file claims, know and utilize billing codes, submit agency-required reporting, etc. 

Most traditional medical practices require their physicians to care for an average of 3,000 patients – they need to have that volume to support the staffing required to handle the administrative details; and because one doctor can’t possibly take excellent care of that many patients, they also staff with layers of nurses and physician assistants to keep up with the volume.Our staff is very small – which means you know everyone in our practice, and, more importantly, our staff knows you. Primary Care is personal and we believe the better we know you, the better care we can provide. And, you’ll always see your own provider.