24/7 Access to Care

When you need medical care, you should be able to call, text or email your own provider – and get a personal response. With Boonsboro Direct Primary Care, you have 24/7 access to your own provider.

Why Does Access Matter?
The earlier a patient seeks care, the better the outcome. Patients who have direct access to their own provider tend to seek care more quickly than patients who have to negotiate the labyrinth of a traditional medical practice.

Here When You Need Us

Our commitment to our member-patients is to be available to them when they need us. Each patient has their provider’s personal phone number and email so they can email, call and text whenever they have a question or need to be seen.

The sooner a patient seeks care for something that’s bothering them, the sooner the provider can address the issue, and the better the outcome. And, for patients who have chronic conditions, having nearly unlimited access allows them to have peace of mind because they have a provider who knows them and who is accessible and available.