Quality Affordable Healthcare

For Your Business

Lower Costs

Save money on health insurance by switching to a high deductible plan coupled with quality primary care.

Healthier Employees

Employee health is directly tied to business success.

Better Access

Same-day appointments decrease sick days. Patients that regularly see their doctor are healthier.

Patient Privacy

Our health records system is separate from other medical groups in the area, providing complete privacy of all records.

Why Choose DPC?

How does Direct primary care fit in your business benefits?

The cost of health insurance for employees is limiting growth and profits for small businesses more than ever.

Boonsboro Direct Primary Care offers concierge-quality primary and urgent care for $80/employee per month.

Up to 80% of all health insurance claims are primary care related. A Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice covers those needs, opening options for insurance plans with limited primary care access.

These options (including High-deductible plans, Self-funded policies, or in conjunction with HSA’s or FSA’s) have lower premiums, saving you money.

When employees get sick, they can be seen in the office the same or next day and always have access to the doctor by phone, text and email.  

This 24/7 access makes it easier for them to receive preventive and sick care, meaning they are less likely to get sick, or will be sick for a shorter duration.

Because they are with a doctor that has more time per visit and can give more focused attention, patients of a Direct Primary Care practice require fewer diagnostic tests, fewer specialist visits and are less likely to be hospitalized.  

Providing employees with a family plan at a DPC limits absences as family members can get into the doctor quicker, have shorter visits with no waiting, or don’t have to come in at all. The employees are at work, not taking family to the doctor’s office.


Giving your employees concierge-level healthcare shows appreciation.

Small businesses rely on employees to keep their business up and running. In an economy that pressures employers to provide less comprehensive medical plans, proper healthcare for employees and their families shows how much they are valued.

Now, that concierge-level care is affordable.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care removes insurance as the middle man between you and quality primary healthcare. A monthly fee covers visits, in-office procedures, and personal access to your doctor.

People come first. If you want a doctor who takes time to listen during visits, returns your phone calls, remembers your concerns, and makes medical decisions based on what is best for you individually, Boonsboro Direct Primary Care may be what you’ve been waiting for.

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