What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care is just that. You and your doctor taking care of your health.

Frequently asked questions

Direct Primary Care is talking to your doctor when you have a question. It’s scheduling an appointment when it works for you, not three months too late. It’s coming to an appointment without spending an hour in the waiting room. It’s talking face-to-face with your doctor, no computer screen or mouse clicks or keyboard tapping in the way.

In the current healthcare system, insurance and government bureaucracy dictate how a doctor cares for patients. In DPC, medical training, experience, and your needs direct your care.

People who want better healthcare.  People who don’t want to pay for insurance they are not using, or have insurance that relegates them to an over-busy doctor.  

80% of all insurance claims are primary care related. A Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice can eliminate those claims almost entirely.


  • For people with chronic diseases who want unrestricted access to, and a close relationship with, their physician.
  • For those who don’t have insurance or are unemployed – You can still have great care for the majority of your needs. (DPC is not a replacement for insurance, however).
  • For small businesses/self-employed – Happier, healthier employees with fewer sick-days, fewer specialist referrals and fewer hospital admissions. Additionally, it saves money by opening up options for utilizing other insurance plans (High-deductible plans, Self-funded policies, or in conjunction with HSA’s or FSA’s)
  • For busy people or those who travel often – With 24/7 access to Dr. Anderson, you can contact him whenever and from wherever you are.

We don’t accept insurance. That means you don’t owe a copay, co-insurance, or have to meet a deductible. When you see Dr. Anderson, you don’t have to worry about bills or claims or surprises.

Insurance is important for unexpected and catastrophic illness and injury. By covering all of your primary care needs for one low fee, direct primary care allows you to switch to an insurance plan that meets your budget without sacrificing quality healthcare.

For a family of 5

Federal Bronze Level Plan = $1,950/month

Cost Share Ministry + Direct Primary Care = $450 + $165 = $615/month

Underwriting Policy + Direct Primary Care = $700 + $165 = $865/month

You save $1,100 – $1,300 each month and get much better care.

DPC fits where insurance fails–regular primary care to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

In the current system, 40 cents of every healthcare dollar you spend goes to insurance billing and overhead. This forces doctors to  see more patients, faster to cover costs. 

In DPC, the 40% of money you spend goes directly to your care instead of to insurance. By eliminating that overhead, Dr. Anderson can spend 30-60 minutes with each patient instead of spending 20% of his time on insurance billing and paperwork. 

Dr. Anderson can refer to needed specialists to facilitate care and satisfy requirements for your insurance. He also takes the time to review and discuss their findings.

We offer vaccines at discounted cash prices; they are not included in the membership.

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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care removes insurance as the middle man between you and quality primary healthcare. A monthly fee covers visits, in-office procedures, and personal access to your doctor.

People come first. If you want a doctor who takes time to listen during visits, returns your phone calls, remembers your concerns, and makes medical decisions based on what is best for you individually, Boonsboro Direct Primary Care may be what you’ve been waiting for.

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