better care

See your doctor. Every time.

Longer visits give you time to discuss all of your symptoms and questions, not just the top 3.

Whether you have complex medical issues or occasional illness, patients with a doctor who knows them enjoy improved outcomes. 

Dr. Anderson is board-certified in Family Medicine, with additional experience in geriatrics and sports medicine.

As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Anderson is trained in treating the whole patient, helping all the systems of the body to work together for better health.

Osteopathic Manipulation treats the musculoskeletal system to reduce pain and increase functionality in the neck, back, and joints.

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Anderson specializes in the patient, not paperwork.

Dr Anderson Headshot

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care removes insurance as the middle man between you and quality primary healthcare. A monthly fee covers visits, in-office procedures, and personal access to your doctor.

People come first. If you want a doctor who takes time to listen during visits, returns your phone calls, remembers your concerns, and makes medical decisions based on what is best for you individually, Boonsboro Direct Primary Care may be what you’ve been waiting for.

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