affordable care

No co-pay. No deductibles.

One low monthly fee.

Discounts on labs- up to 90% off.

Works well with high deductible insurance plans, cost sharing plans, and HSAs. 

Monthly Membership

Individual- $80/mo

Family- $165/mo*

 *up to 5 people, +$10/mo for each additional child

Couple- $135/mo

One-time Registration Fee

$80/person, maximum of $160/family

DPC + Insurance

Family of 5

Medical Cost Sharing plan- $511/month

($5500 annual ‘deductible’)

Direct Primary Care- $165/month

Monthly = $676

Annual = $8,112 (unlimited visits)

Traditional Insurance

Family of 5

Bronze-level Marketplace plan- $1,650/month

($10,500 deductible)

Primary Care visit- $40/visit

Monthly = $1,690

Annual = $20,280 (12 visits)


$12,168 savings with Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care removes insurance as the middle man between you and quality primary healthcare. A monthly fee covers visits, in-office procedures, and personal access to your doctor.

People come first. If you want a doctor who takes time to listen during visits, returns your phone calls, remembers your concerns, and makes medical decisions based on what is best for you individually, Boonsboro Direct Primary Care may be what you’ve been waiting for.

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