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Same Day appointments

Illness doesn't schedule 3 months out. See your doctor when you need to. Sick visits can be made for the same or next day.

No wait time

Actually, we didn't even build a waiting room into our office. You don't need to schedule 2 hours for an appointment. You walk in, see the doctor and walk out.

longer appointments

It takes more than 10 minutes to address health concerns. Dr. Anderson dedicates 30-60 minutes to each patient.

comprehensive care

Dr. Anderson treats all ages. He is also trained in Osteopathic manipulation (similar to chiropractics).

Lower Healthcare costs

No copays. No deductibles. One low monthly fee to full access primary care.

For a family of 5, the cost of the Bronze plan on the Federal Marketplace is $23,000+ annually in premiums alone.  
There are other options.
Less expensive plans are available through Cost Share Ministries or Medical Underwriting Policies to cover severe illness/injury. Combined with membership at a Direct Primary Care office, your family has unparalleled access to your doctor, while being financially protected against tragedy.
For a Family of 5
Bronze Level Federal Plan- $1950/mo
Cost Share Ministry + Direct Primary Care- $450+$165=$615/mo
Underwriting Policy + Direct Primary Care- $700+$165=$865/mo
Save $800-$1000 each month and receive much better care for your family.


Personal Care

Most primary care doctors have over 2,500 patients. Dr. Anderson accepts only 600 patients, allowing him to provide personalized care when you need it.

Affordable Labs

Labs are up to 90% off regular local prices. Why do cheap labs make a difference?

If you don’t have insurance (or bad insurance) – It’s much, much more affordable.
If you DO have insurance – You can prevent disease. Commercial insurance refuses to pay for many useful labs – genetic testing for cancer, insulin resistance, tick-borne illnesses, etc. If you pay for it out of pocket (which you can do when it is this affordable) you have the ability to evaluate for disease BEFORE it is a problem.


On call 24-7

Whenever you're sick, talk to your own doctor. Dr. Anderson is available via phone, text, and email.

Meet the Doctor

Still have questions? Want to make sure it’s a good fit?

Schedule a Meet & Greet to talk with Dr. Anderson in person. Ask your questions and experience the difference at Boonsboro Direct Primary Care.

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